FILM Storage

Specialized filmĀ vaults


PRO-TEK manages five specialty film vaults in the greater Los Angeles area. These vaults were custom-built to our specifications and are optimized uniquely for film storage.
Archival Film vault racks
Archival Film Vault shelves


PRO-TEKā€™s film vaults incorporate industry best practice features:
  • Climate-controlled to 40-45ā° F and 25% relative humidity
  • Pre-action (dry pipe) water sprinkler system
  • Insulated vault walls and ceilings provide an extended fire shell
  • High-density mobile racking to maximize space and minimize costs
  • Racking with anti-tip seismic bracing
  • Bar-coding of assets for accurate location-tracking and real-time updates
  • State-of-the-art fire suppression system which utilizes a clean, non-conductive fire suppression agent that will not damage assets


  • Access to all facilities is monitored and controlled via PRO-TEKā€™s access control system
  • Visitors must notify PRO-TEK employees at the time of their arrival from outside the facility and request access
  • All visitors must pass through three (3) access control points to the warehouse space housing stored assets and must be accompanied by authorized employees
  • Closed-circuit cameras record digitally around-the-clock to monitor building perimeter and strategic interior locations, including all film vault entrances
  • Motion Picture Association (MPA) guidelines are used as best practice
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