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comprehensive preservation services & archival storage

PRO-TEK manages five specialty film vaults & four acclimatized warehouses in the greater LosĀ AngelesĀ area.

And our infrastructure of archival storage & service facilities continues to grow with the Q2 2023 opening of our new cold vault and facility in Thousand Oaks.


Burbank also houses three cold vaults for filmĀ storage.
PRO-TEKā€™s headquarters are in Burbank which is home to our film inspection & film scanningĀ teams.
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2013Ā PRO-TEK expanded to Thousand Oaks with an acclimated warehouse.
2017Ā A large expansion was completed which included adding a fourth cold vault.
2023Ā We added a fifth cold vault and substantial room for growth of digital & filmĀ services.
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