Customer Stories


PRO-TEK works with a broad mix of customers — from content owners in film, television, music, and sports to the archives of universities, museums, libraries, corporations, and government institutions.
PRO-TEK is the gold standard. There’s no other way to say it. They have a full understanding of the requirements for specialized handling, they are recognized as the best.
– Director, Major Studio
PRO-TEK knows exactly what our needs are, and they handle all of our assets very professionally. These are the most precious assets the company owns, and we have zero concerns entrusting them to PRO-TEK.
– VP, Major Studio
Everyone knows about PRO-TEK and the reputation they bring to the table. They are the gold standard for content management, physical and now digital.
– EVP of Asset Management, Large Media Company
All of our customers seek support in safeguarding their film and digital content, yet each one has unique requirements that require creative solutions.
PRO-TEK was created to develop unique solutions and provide superior service and we’re proud to share a few recent examples:



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