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Sports Museum Assets

Sports Museum gains access to large asset collection

Thousands of mixed media assets prompted a museum to curate its iconic collection for monetization & preservation.

Business Need

Curate assets for monetization and preservation

A major non-profit sports museum partnered with PRO‑TEK Vaults to curate nearly 10,000 mixed media assets. The project began on location at the museum for several months as a PRO‑TEK team with extensive experience in asset identification, cataloging, and metadata skills barcoded and entered baseline metadata of the assets into our asset management system.

Business Solution

inspection and cataloging to prep for archive

After curating the collection onsite, the entire collection was moved to our facility in Burbank, CA. Once there, with all the assets identified and stored in cold vaults, a more intensive inspection of all the assets was conducted over many months.
The purpose of the inspections was to identify the condition of the film assets, complete the full metadata schema, confirm any previously identified redundancies in the collection, and rehouse the assets in archival containers.

Business Outcome

Inventory securely stored for future use and access

With the full curation completed, the museum had a complete profile of its assets. They were now able to make data-driven decisions on the future of the collection and put short and long-term plans in place based on the condition of the assets and the value proposition for each. The museum was also able to plan for the deaccession of the many redundancies in the collection while preserving the best copies for future use. As a result, they saved significant future storage expenses by reducing their asset footprint.
PRO‑TEK Vaults continues to store several thousand of the remaining assets in this collection. And we are digitizing the film assets for streamlined access and to provide a gateway for secure cloud storage. The museum also utilizes inventory data in PRO‑TEK’s asset management system to drive current and future planning.

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