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Major Music Company Library

Major music company unlocks its video library

A major music company wanted to catalog and leverage its massive video library.

Business Need

Catalog and digitize an irreplaceable archive of music history

One of the music industry’s largest companies had over 50 years of music videos, documentaries, and film footage. The video catalog was not well organized and asset identification was poor, incomplete, or completely missing. Once organized and cataloged, the video library could be digitized over time based on historical value, commercial value, and alignment with artist news.

Business Solution

Service that incorporates nitrate film & digital media expertise

The first step was to move the catalog to PRO‑TEK’s facility in Burbank for asset identification, cataloging, and metadata schema creation. Metadata was then entered into our asset management system. Film was rehoused in custom archival containers for cold vault storage.

Using PRO‑TEK’s asset management system, our customer was able to review inventory data and prioritize film digitization and mastering. That work was done on PRO‑TEK’s high-resolution film scanners. Preservation of digital assets was done in two parts:
  • LTO tapes were created and stored in our acclimatized warehouses.
  • Digital files were transferred via high-speed fiber to the music company’s corporate data center and cloud provider.
  • PRO-TEK partnered with a certified hazardous waste management company to dispose of nitrate film.

Business Outcome

Video catalog primed for monetization & artist support

The music company preserved and organized 50 years of priceless video content which it now monetizes on ad-supported and subscription streaming services, as value-added supplemental material on record releases, and as licensed footage for film, TV, and advertising.

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