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Classic TV Series goes digital

Major Entertainment company leverages classic TV series forĀ streaming

Industry leader turns a broadcast classic into streaming gold.

Business Need

Digitize & master a favorite ā€˜80s TV series for streaming

A global leader in entertainment launched an industry-leading streaming service that combines new content with classic film and TV series. They wanted to add a beloved multi-season TV series to the streaming service and needed partners that could provide high-quality work in a very short timeframe.

Business Solution

Digital media expertise & collaboration to meet customer needs

PROā€‘TEK was the long-time home of this entertainment companyā€™s TV catalog, so accessing the series was seamless and quick. While PROā€‘TEK offers a comprehensive set of digital media services, the entertainment company wanted us to share project responsibilities on this project with a third party. We partnered with the other service provider and our mutual customer to establish an overall project schedule, technical specs, and key points of hand-off and collaboration between teams.

PROā€‘TEKā€™s team then retrieved the film asset originals from cold vault storage, inspected and cleaned all reels, digitized using our high-resolution film scanners, and updated metadata in the customerā€™s asset management. Original film assets were returned to our cold vault storage while digital files were transferred to our colleagues for color correction, sound, and final delivery to the customer.

Business Outcome

pristine 4K versions of a classic TV series for streaming

The entertainment company leveraged its library to cost-effectively enhance its streaming service with a fan-favorite TV series from the ā€™80s. And by digitizing and remastering the series, they added an updated, monetizable series to their commercial slate for future distribution opportunities.

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