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Presidential Library Photos

Presidential library preserves our nation’s history

A presidential library wanted to catalog and scan nitrate film still images before it was too late.

Business Need

Catalog & scan photos from the 1800’s for future generations

A presidential library had a collection of nitrate film photos that were in dire need of service. The photos—dated from the mid-1800’s—were deteriorating rapidly and needed to be cataloged and digitized. Adding complexity to the project was that the photos were all shot on nitrate film, which is fragile and highly flammable.

Business Solution

Customized plan leveraging nitrate film, still image, and digital media expertise

Assets were housed at the presidential library’s archive, so the first step was for PRO‑TEK to arrange for the historical items to be sent to our nitrate service center in Burbank, CA. We sent a certified technician to the presidential library to complete necessary documentation and package the collection in appropriate containers that meet the specific regulatory standards.

We then arranged for an authorized shipping company to transport the materials. Once the assets were in-house, our team worked with the presidential library staff to established standards for image identification and physical condition assessment.

We then implemented a metadata schema for naming and tagging the images for searchability and future access then used that schema for entry of all cataloged footage directly into our asset management system. Photos were then digitized the film using our high-resolution film scanners. Digital files were transferred to the library’s data center.

Business Outcome

Archive of nitrate film & digital assets that reinforce an iconic studio’s history

A presidential library preserved images of historical value for the education and enjoyment of future generations. And by digitizing & eliminating redundant and unneeded images that were dangerous to store, the library eliminated the risks and  costs of maintaining a nitrate film archive.

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