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Major Film Studio Legacy Assets

Iconic studio monetizes legacy assets

A celebrated motion picture company wanted to protect classic early footage for preservation & commercial exploitation.

Business Need

Identify & preserve never before seen nitrate images

One of Hollywood’s oldest movie studios owned an extensive collection of movies dating back to the advent of commercial cinematography. That collection included over 10,000 rolls of “B” camera rolls and trims—a treasure chest of rare and unique images.

Addressing a collection of that size required a dedicated team with expertise in nitrate film. Nitrate was used in the earliest days of cinematography and photography until it was replaced with noncombustible safety film, and it required special handling because it is fragile and highly flammable.

Business Solution

Comprehensive nitrate film & digital media Plan

PRO-TEK worked in collaboration with the studio to execute a five-phase plan of action:
  • Established standards for image identification and physical condition to assess and select the most desirable assets.
  • Implemented a metadata schema for naming and tagging the images for searchability and future access, then used that schema for entry of all cataloged footage directly into the studio’s media asset management system.
  • Digitized the film using our high-resolution film scanners.
  • Implemented a cloud solution for digital storage. The studio also considered other storage solutions like solid state drives (SSDs) and LTO tapes as redundant copies.
  • We partnered with a certified hazardous waste management company to dispose of nitrate film.
  • PRO-TEK partnered with a certified hazardous waste management company to dispose of nitrate film.

Business Outcome

Archive that reinforces an iconic studio’s history

The studio preserved and organized its entire nitrate library of valuable, largely unseen movie history for entertainment and use in future revenue opportunities.

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