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Major Film Studio VAULT

Motion Picture studio preserves its film library

A preservation industry leader wanted a state-of-the-art frozen film vault close to its Hollywood studio lot.

Business Need

a frozen vault specially-designed for long-term film storage

A celebrated motion picture studio requested a comprehensive program of preservation services that included a storage environment for film at 29⁰F and 35% relative humidity.

Business Solution

Build a Frozen vault & support with preservation services

PRO‑TEK partnered with the studio and implemented a multi-faceted plan of attack:
  • Assembled a team of engineering, construction, and storage system firms to design and build a state-of-the-art frozen vault for long-term film storage.
    • Selected materials for the concrete floor, vault walls and ceiling, rail system, and storage system components uniquely for their ability to operate below the freezing point of water
    • Specified and selected environmental control systems that could maintain temperature and humidity within very tight operating ranges
    • Incorporated an acclimation room into the overall design to allow film to slowly warm up from below freezing to acclimatized warehouse temperatures prior to any onsite inspection or offsite movements
  • Supplemented PRO‑TEK rigorous security protocols to allow studio monitoring and review.
  • Digitized the film using our high-resolution film scanners.
  • Implemented a preservation program with:
    • Tightly regulated procedures for film movement
    • Our full suite of film inspection, film repair, and film scanning services
    • Storage capacity for media assets in our acclimatized warehouse space
  • Migrated the studio’s legendary library of film classics into our frozen vault.
  • PRO-TEK partnered with a certified hazardous waste management company to dispose of nitrate film.

Business Outcome

Optimized facility & services for long‑term preservation

The studio leveraged PRO‑TEK’s custom-built frozen vault, acclimatized warehouse space, and archival services to preserve & monetize its one-of-a-kind film library.

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