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Fortune 100 CoMpany Archives

Fortune 100 company optimizes archive for legal, engineering, & marketing benefit

A corporate archive of several million assets needed organization and digitization for long term preservation.

Business Need

Optimize archive for historical & engineering purposes

A Fortune 100 firm wanted to unlock the value of its corporate archive. They understood that a properly maintained corporate archive was critical for telling the company’s corporate history and for supporting engineering teams that rely on historical information. For example, they wanted to access negatives and prints to see the cross-section of a product and analyze how a problem or challenge was met in the past. The data on each negative’s sleeve also painted a richer story for designers and technicians, allowing them to see things in a greater context.

Business Solution

Scanning and metadata-tagging millions of media assets

For security reasons, the company wanted to digitize millions of negatives, photographic stills and nitrate film elements in a single US facility and saw the initiative as a catalyst to categorize and organize the collection for business-critical use.

The project required PRO‑TEK’s team to perform high-resolution scanning and tagging of millions of images and documents and then ingesting them into the customer’s digital asset management system. And because the archive also contained nitrate film, the firm required a partner with nitrate film-handling capabilities, including shipping certification.

Business Outcome

IP protection, engineering support, and corporate goodwill

Our work gave the customer a searchable and easily accessible archive. And the firm enjoys the benefits of better protection of its intellectual property, more flexible access to historical insights from past engineering solutions, and necessary preservation of high value, branded corporate assets.

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